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To use this site click on one of the headings down the left hand side of this page.

The info on this site was last up dated on 20/8/2012

Plenty of grass around and not many cattle. Order early so your grass can be put on the web site for interested parties to look at.

I have added the igrain.com.au site link to the home page. Have a look at this simple convenient way to market or buy grain. If you have any questions give me a ring. 0407255939


The process of finding GRASS using this site;

select; VIEW AVAILABLE GRASS, find suitable location and facilties, fill in and submit form with reference number of suitable grass. This will come to me where I will place you in contact with suitable Grass Grower.

or select; REGISTER CATTLE OR LAMBS, fill in and submit form which gives me some infomation regarding the cattle and your expectations for them. I will place them on the web site and creat some interest in your cattle. I may have some interest already and contact you immediately.


If you are interested in agisting and Back grounding please contact me via web site or mobile 0407255939.

Terms and Conditions;

1.You can submit and list for FREE.

2. You are agreeing and will accept the charges and fees at the time of quote based on if stock get delivered.

as at 1/7/2011

per mob;

$2 /per head up to 500 head both parties

$1 / per head 501 to 1000 head both parties

$0.50 / per head over 1000 head both parties

$0.25 per head for both parties in sheep or lamb placement.

Is it possible to have high average annual stocking rates [DSE/HA] relatively risk free high mid winter stocking rates and high feed utilization, but do it in a risk free and sustainable manner?

The graphs below show two farms with different stocking rates.

The higher stocking rate farm has very small amount of substitute feeding and good net profit per DSE. It also has a sustainable dry matter ground cover to carry through the dry periods.

This farm also has high utilization, or % of potential stocking rate. An analogy of this is a motel occupancy rate of 59%.

The second graph show the farm [ motel] has an occupancy rate of 25%]













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